Peruvians seem to have a BIG appetite for football

Peru play Denmark today in the big sporty cup. And here is the man who took the Robert de Niro approach to getting his travel plans in order:

A man who was identified as Miguel F, a 24-year-old from Lima, didn’t manage to get a ticket before they all sold out and decided to take drastic measures to get a seat in Russia.

“The only tickets that were left on the FIFA website where ticket for disabled people,” Miguel told Clarin“I looked at the requirements; be in a wheelchair, something specific for women and suffering from morbid obesity, over 35 BMI, body mass index.

I was at 30, and I did the math.

I needed to put on 25 kg.”

And so he only went and done it.

He bought the ticket immediately and then set his sights on gaining the weight he needed in three months, which involved eating a lot of carbohydrates. Thankfully he managed to get a medical certificate proving his obesity and getting him into the match between Peru and Denmark on Saturday.

You know, twenty-five kilos is a lot of kilos.

But thankfully, that was all he did. After all, there were other options.

“I know people who sold their car,” Marco García, a businessman from Lima told La Nacion. “And one of my friends was thinking about breaking their leg, also to get a disabled ticket, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.”

Ouch! The big sporty cup. I hope it’s worth it…


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